[COMPLETED] Anyone has a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and willing to help some testing?

Thank you for the report. Judging by the partially missing text, perhaps the serial connection was not made properly. Please check a few things:

  • 5V wire should not be connected.
  • Ground wire should be connected.
  • Also verify the parameters such as a baud rate and parity bit that you set on the tool used to connect to the serial terminal.

Also were you able find the device on the network?

Could you please try to test the testing images in the same way? Over at the bug report, we have at least one report the testing images were not working.

I have today downloaded a fresh testing Image for Raspberry Pi 3b+ form Freedombox org and flashed with balena etcher to a other SD Card. Unfortunately, I did not get this image booted

Hello I am French and I am using a translator.

I have a rpi 2 a rpi 3 and rpi 3b +. I have each time installed different freedombox images. Right now rpi 3b + is with the image testing and boot on ssd. What I noticed is that if I unplug the rpi (power failure) and I reconnect it, it will not restart. But if I unplug and reconnect a second time he will restart and operate. Whether on a micro-sd boot or a boot ssd.



Sorry for the delay. The device never showed up on the network.
I tried testing last week but it did not boot.

Any hints?



So, i wanted to setup Freedombox on a Pi 3B+ and failed. i found this thread and thought i would help.
I checked the boot process of the Freedombox image and i triple checked that everything is fine (also booted Raspbian and read the serial console output which was fine).
I wrote the image with dd and Etcher. No matter what i do, i can’t get it booting and the Serial Output is garbled.

I have 2 Logfiles i created with Putty. A clean raspbian Buster boot and the garbled freedombox boot. I used a CH314A to read the serial console.

If you want the Logs let me know.

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Hello, Christoph! My name is Danny, and I work at the FreedomBox Foundation. I noticed that you’ve made your first contribution to our forum. Thanks for offering to help with this issue with the RPi3. And welcome to our community! Since you’re new, I want to make sure that you know about all the resources and support we offer our contributors. Check out our Welcome page for all the basic information about contributing and for the contact info of our core team: https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Welcome

I’m very happy to see that you’re interested in getting involved in our community! If you have the time, please do join one of our upcoming weekend progress calls and introduce yourself. We’re all here to help you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to members of the core team!

Hello @hhanff, @MikaelB, @bibibox, @pythoner,

My apologies for not attending to the issue in a while. I analyzed all the information so far and summarized:

  • Stable images are working well as noted in the bug report. Testing images are not working.
  • Even with testing images, it has been reported that booting was successful. This report talks about not using Ethernet but connecting via HDMI cable. When logs were analyzed from this successful boot it showed everything to be normal. This report did not include logs from serial console.
  • @pythoner sent me boot logs collected with FreedomBox and with Raspbian using a serial cable. It shows completely garbled output for FreedomBox image. This could be an issue with the serial setup. Or it could be the reason why things are not working as expected. If so, the failure must be at a very early level possibly in the firmware or u-boot.

Thank you for all the help so far, I will keep looking.

Update: @pythoner actually has tried multiple times with the FreedomBox image and every time the logs in the serial console are garbled. This indicates a problem with u-boot or the firmware we are using.

I’ve just received my RPi3B+. I installed as per instructions (dd’d to sd card on MX linux and calculate Linux).

  1. Stable does not boot, red (power) light on, green light stays off.
  2. Booted into raspbian to check if board ok. All works fine.
  3. Installed testing. Boots - yay. one eth light flickers. cannot connect from laptop. HDMI display first line: eth net not found, then boot with one FAIL: entropy (something)

Have read that old image still works, it there one available for me to use?
How can I help to get this working?
I will try a nightly cos I need something to work! and report back.
If you need more info please ask.

Many people are reporting that stable images are working fine. The stable image has not changed in a while. Please make sure you are not expecting anything on the monitor connected via HDMI. Instead find the FreedomBox on network as described in the manual and use the web interface.

We have made recent changes to testing and unstable to fix the issue. So, those are likely working as well (we could use a confirmation).

Hi Sunil,
I’ll try again, I’ve been following the instructions to the letter.
Does having an HDMI cable attached make any difference?
I’ll update soon.

Hi Sunil,
I re-downloaded the stable img. used balenaEtcher to copy files to sd. followed instructions and after 10 mins - nothing. No green light, no Ethernet light, can be seen by router. Continuing to set up through browser. Still no ethernet lights though.

Update: So far - All working, radicale failed install - had to ssh in to correct. Ethernet lights not working.

Having HDMI cable attached should not make any difference. Just don’t expect anything to show up on the monitor.


Folks, thanks to everyone for helping with this issue. I have again tested the latest stable and testing images to be working. The issue with Raspberry Pi 3B+ images has been confirmed to have been addressed with recent changes. All seems to be working well. I am closing this issue now. But it would be nice if we can get one additional confirmation that testing images too are also working well.

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All seem to work except for the ethernet lights. Makes for confusion as they both should work! Where should i report this?

@JavaInJames, thanks for the confirmation. I believe the Ethernet lights would be up to the Linux kernel driver or even lower level. I am not sure if there anything we can do about it other than perhaps document the behavior.

I see that this issue was closed, but I have been having trouble the last several days with Raspberry Pi 2 images. I have tried flashing both the stable and testing images, but neither of them will boot. I start them up but can never see them on the local network.

EDIT: I’m not sure if it is relevant, but I just tried the Raspberry Pi 2 “old stable” image and it won’t boot either. I can boot Raspbian just fine though, so it is definitely not the device.

I have tried Raspberry Pi 3 but not 2. But I can’t imagine a reason why Raspberry 2 image is not work. Checking some basics, please make sure that:

  • Downloaded image’s signature is correct.
  • It is written to the SD card properly.
  • You are not expecting output on a HDMI monitor
  • You have waited for at least 10 minutes on first boot before expecting the box to work
  • You have tried both stable and testing images
  • Your board is Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

I tried everything again and this time the testing image worked! I tried with the stable image first, and it still didn’t work, but I’m glad one of them worked this time!

  • I verified signatures.
  • I’ve written the images to the SD card with both dd and balenaEtcher.
  • I’m not expecting any monitor output (nothing hooked up).
  • I’ve waited well over 10 minutes (30+).
  • “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B” is written on the board.
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