Closing Marketing Effort

So should we just assume the marketing effort is dead?

If not, what can be done to spark it back up?

This tuesday the core team has a meeting and at least 2 marketing-related topics will be discussed: Website redesign and Outreach plan. If you want me to bring another message, please let me know.

I don’t know what happened. We had several interested people. I guess our expectations were not aligned.

I personally got lost. Some of you seemed to be holding meetings but after missing the first one I couldn’t find how to get envolved again. I could have just asked in the thread, but I was expecting the team to announce and publish its routine, outcomes, etc once it gets organized.

Understood. I think we all got lost in our own way. I keep bouncing back and forth on open source marketing projects and this keeps being the song that gets played - big spark to start - then biting off more than we can chew- and without strong leadership/vision with strong coordination skills (reminding people of meetings, reminding them of action steps, reminding them of deadlines…while keeping it light and fun) things can get easily lost in the mix of life. Esp. Covid not helping and how other countries got hit harder than others.