[CLAIMED] Contributor Invite: Implement wizard step for Internet connection type

About this Contributor Invite:

  • Task Area: Coding
  • Effort rating: 4/5
  • Skills required: Python, Django forms/views/urls/templates

Description of the Problem:

Currently, when users set up FreedomBox, they are not given guidance for how to setup their domains or how to configure their router. This is a problem because it leaves our users under-informed. The good news is that we have a UX design plan for changing this. One of the parts of this plan is to ask the user for what type of Internet connection they have. We store this information and use it suggest various setup options during the setup process and also later on when setting up apps. But the plan has not be implemented yet. To learn about the plan, please see page number 2 of reachability UX (#1531).

What we ask of you:

Implement the plan to ask users for Internet connection type. Please follow these steps:

  • Implement a form in networks/forms.py for asking the Internet connection type for the FreedomBox. The three options provided and their descriptions should be show in the UX design.
  • Implement a simple page view to show this in networks/views.py and add the view to networks/urls.py. This page should be independent and should not contain distractions like app header etc. See Gitweb’s create repro view as an example.
  • Add a new section in the Networks main page with section title ‘Your Internet Connection Type’ and a button to link to the newly create page. See page 18 of the reachability UX (#1531).
  • Create another view that reuses the form created earlier but appears like a wizard step. See page 2 of the reachability UX (#1531). See users/views.py::FirstBootView as an example. Don’t worry about the back button. ‘Skip’ and ‘Next’ need to be implemented.
  • Declare a first boot step that will show up as part of the first boot wizard that appears during initial FreedomBox setup. See users/ init .py::first_boot_steps for example on how to do this. We currently have to wizard three wizard steps Welcome (order 0), User Account Creation (order 1) and Finish (order 10). Insert our first boot wizard step with order 3.
  • When the form is submitted in both cases (from networks app or from first boot wizard), Store this information in sqlite database against a key named ‘networks_internet_type’ in FreedomBox’s key/value store. Values can be one of ‘static_public_ip’, ‘dynamic_public_ip’ and ‘private_ip’. See config/ init .py::set_advanced_mode() for example on how to store the key.

Link to the issue in GitLab: https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/plinth/issues/1558

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If you need help with this issue, please feel free to ask for it from members of our core team:

  • Sunil Mohan Adapa (@sunil): Lead Developer & Code Reviewer
  • Joseph Nuthalapati (@njoseph): DevOps Engineer, Developer, & Code Reviewer
  • James Valleroy (@jvalleroy) : Release Manager, Developer, & Code Reviewer

I would like to claim this invite.

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It is now yours :slight_smile: I marked it as claimed.