Changed IP from DHCP to manual, opps!

So just after finishing the install (setting admin user/password), I clicked the link to change network settings. I wanted to hardcode my IP. I changed the IP to manual ( and added two DNS hosts. I did not change the IPv6 settings at all, I left them. I clicked what I assumed was the ‘apply changes’ button, although it was named ‘Edit …’ I think, sort of confusing.

The web browser kept working, so I figured I had to restart before the changes would take effect.

After restart, I could ping, but the web wasn’t working, nor could I ssh in.

I re-flashed and reinstalled and decided to leave the DHCP address for now. Not a show stopper but I would test the simple (change IP from DHCP to manual) procedure

I think the ‘Edit Connection’ should not have triggered a disconnect and reconnect of the connection.

Is the IP address unique in the network? Is some other machine also using this IP? If not you would be able to ping (to the other system) but not access FreedomBox. Also did you give it sufficient time to fully start the web UI and SSH services before trying to access?

In the event that you make a change to network connection and want to revert it without re-flashing you could plugin the SD card into another machine and edit the file /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/<connection_name>.nmconnection and set method=auto in the ipv4 section. My file currently looks like this:

id=FreedomBox WAN