Can't setup freedombox

I have no idea what software version my freedombox is running, as I can’t connect to it to see.

I am having trouble setting my freedom box. My setup:
I have an apartment that supplies the internet - I don’t have a router - just plug into a wall jack. I have no idea what the hardware is or have any access to it to see what IP addresses are.

I am using a 5 port gigabit switch - the freedombox is plugged into a port, my airport base in another so that I still have internet while I try to get the freedombox working.

Wall jack -> switch -> freedombox
|-> airport base

The freedombox is plugged in and powered up, although the power LED is not lit. It does not appear as an available network, even after letting it sit for an hour.

I plugged my TV with an HDMI cable and a USB keyboard.

Even though the LED is not lit, the box is running, as I have freedombox login: prompt on the TV. I have no idea what to do at this point - I don’t know how to log in or get it set up. The instructions describe a web based procedure for setting it up. This isn’t happening. It isn’t broadcasting and I have no way to log in.

Unrelated question - is a legit web site? This came up while searching for help, it looks different than

They are in violation of trademark.

FreedomBox cannot be setup from the command line right now. You have to get to the web interface.

You can try to access https://freedombox.local from a computer connected to the same network. This might not work with Windows and Android.

You can also scan the network for active IP addresses using nmap.

First, find out the IP address allocated to your computer by the switch. (ip addr on GNU/Linux or ifconfig on macOS). Then running the following nmap command should give you the active IP addresses on the network. Assuming you current IP address is of the format 192.168.0.x

nmap -sP -R

Just type each IP address discovered by the above command in your browser (should work on all browsers and operating systems).