Can't see the box on the network


  • Plugged in to home router
  • Bought July 2019
  • Given I’ve just bought it - the latest?!

Sorry to raise this but I have fallen at the first hurdle on trying to install freedombox.

Connected the battery and connected everything up to the router to download updates.

the freedombox.local URL does not work and I can’t see the freedombox on the network - browsing using windows explorer (in W10). Any other device I connected disconnect can be seen. Therefore I’m not able to figure out how to get the local IP.

Had a look at this thread but don’t believe it to be the same issue [SOLVED] Can't connect out of the gate

Any pointers welcome



AFAIK, Windows will not be able to resolve the freedombox.local domain since it doesn’t support the mDNS protocol.

Wikipedia says that Windows 10 has support for mDNS but it’s limited to printers.

mDNS has also been implemented in Windows 10, but its use there is limited to discovering networked printers.

You can login to your router, see the listing of devices to find the IP address of your FreedomBox.

There’s also a very early-stage Android app for FreedomBox that can discover local FreedomBox devices connected to the same network.

OK I’ll try both of those this evening.

Thanks loads for your help