Can't connect to the FreedomBox with Samba

Problem Description
I am trying to connect via Samba to my FreedomBox, but get a no route to host message under Ubuntu 22.04 with the MATE desktop and Caja as the file manager. The funny thing is that I can ssh to the box just fine, and I can access Plinth via Firefox just fine too.

I tried to type smb://freedombox.local or the local IP address to no avail. I used Samba just fine a while ago (before the update to Debian 12 Bookworm). What am I doing wrong?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enable Samba in the application list.
  2. Launch Caja or another the file manager.
  3. Double click on the Freedombox icon.
  4. Enjoy the error message.

Expected Results
I would expect to be able to browse the Open_Share on the hard disk, then copy a file I downloaded with a P2P application on the Freedombox to my PC.

Actual results
I get an error with the following message:

Unable to mount location
Failed to retrieve share list from server: No route to host



  • FreedomBox version: 23.6.2
  • Hardware: Olimex A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 with a hard disk
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: frankly, I don’t even remember. I have an image that I copied with dd to my computer, when the microSD card dies, I copy it again with dd to a new microSD card.

It really depends upon how your network is configured; I’ve assigned a permanent IP address (by Mac address through my 2nd router) to the FB & only access it: smb:// (x = assigned IP address with Dolphin/Linux).

It’s connected to a L-3 switch behind a router-security device (VPN enabled), connected to my ISP’s router-security device & modem, with the FB & devices that need to connect to it on their own VLAN & subnet. (If there is a better/more secure way, please let me know fellow FBer’s).

Also, after first login to the cockpit app/setup, I had to set the external drive to be mounted automatically.

Try typing this address in the file manager’s address bar:

smb://[freedombox name or ip address]/[name of drive]

This “name of drive”:

For the Open Share I think you can log in as “anonymous user”. If not, try with a user that has credentials and access to shares.

For the home and groups shares you’ll need a user and password, of course.