Can't access web interface for initial setup

Im using an olinuxino a20 lime2 with image from
Box boots ok and stop on tty1 login.
I try to access the interface trough and freedombox.local, none works.
There’s no dhcp lease on router.
The eth led stays green but rarely blinks.


I edited /etc/network/interfaces.d/box to get a static ip, now the router sees me but I’m still unable to access the page.
I’m using openwrt, already tried some firewall configurations, devices are able to ping each other, except for the box.

Can you check the revision of your Lime 2 board? It is printed on the board on the top side under “A20-OLinuXino-Lime2”.

Did you install the stable version of FreedomBox?

Hello, it’s revision K.
Jonas said on irc that a temporary solution would be to set the link to 10M, that’s what I did and it worked.
It’s not optimal, I’m waiting for a better solution, but at least I can play with the box now
edit: yes, it’s the stable version

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As you told that there is no dhcp. I can suggest you a little thing. Why dont you login to ttyl and open networkmanager and set ip etc., manually.
To do so use the command “nmtui” in sudo

I had no access to tty at the time, because the root account had no password, so was locked, and the fbx is not accessible on normal setup.
I could have done this:
But I just saw it later, so I found a solution.
~ plugged the sdcard to another computer
~ copied hash pw from /etc/shadows from one of my accounts and pasted it on shadows from sdcard, on the root line
Than I could log as root and set up the static ip. At this time i could have used nmtui (if it was already installed), but I didn’t knew the command.
Thanks for the help.
Now everything is working, I’m very happy with the apps, just need a better connection, because freedombox(or the firmware, idk) on my board revision just connects if I force the link to 1 megabit(?).

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How exactly did u lower Ethernet speed to 10M? (after you could login via ssh)
Even unstable image is not working with Rev. K. :frowning:

Hello, sorry for the late reply, I read your question while busy, than forgot.

I edited the interfaces file (I named it box, as I said earlier, you can name it whatever you want), and added this line at the end:

post-up ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex full

than the full content of the file became:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

post-up ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex full

you can choose your address and gateway, those are just examples.
You can use the ethtool command on the terminal for testing.

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I just managed to set speed to 100 (maybe 1000 idk, didnt test) by recompiling u-boot.
There’s a lot of relevant info about these ethernet issues on the following link: