Can't access freedombox via URL

I followed the tutorial carefully for setting up a public domain to access my freedombox from outside my network. When I then type in my domain *** in my local browser or in the browser of my phone from another network it does not redirect to anything. Also typing in the IP adress does not work. Instead I get a timeout. What is strange is that I do not see a IPv4 adress when typing ifconfig in my linux shell, but when I visit it tells me an IP adress that I can use. When I acces myip[dot]datasystems24[dot]de it shows me an IPv6 adress. However, on GnuDIP it requires a IPv4 adress… In my router I configured portforwarding as follows:

… and same for ‘outbound’. Destinhation IPv6 adress is the local IP of my freedombox.

Why does it not work? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!