Cannot locate after a re flashing SDcard

Complete newbie here to forums as well as Debian so please forgive me if I have missed something really obvious. I have read through many posts about this but am at a loss

I had my pre-July 2019 box up and running but to cut a long story short lost the username and password with a laptop that crashed.

I have tried to reflash the micro SD card using Etcher with a fresh copy of the software but now I cannot find the device connected to the router and not sure what to do next and if I have flashed it properly. I do have solid Red power and flashing green ethernet for what it is worth.

Can anyone please tell me if there are steps I may have missed in the flashing of the SDcard or any other advice would be greatly appreciated

Hello! Thanks for the question. Here are a few ideas:

Downloading the right image: Are you sure you downloaded the right OS image for your hardware? Since you are using a Pioneer edition LIME2, you should download the OS image here:

Normally, users can simply download the OS image which corresponds to their hardware here:

Flashing the OS to the SD Card: If you follow the steps in this video exactly as described, then you should be on the right track:

Making sure the SD card is plugged in: Sounds simple, but this mistake can happen to anyone. Are you sure that the SD card is inserted into the slot all the way?

Accessing the device: If you’re using Mac or Linux, go to freedombox.local to access your FreedomBox. If you’re using Windows, find your Freedombox’s local IP address on your router’s device map and enter it into your browser (e.g.

Refresh your router’s device map: Sometimes, routers show you all the devices on your local network in a diagram called a “network map.” But when you unplug a device and plug it back in, sometimes the device map does not refresh automatically and fails to display your FreedomBox even though it is on the network. In such cases, try manually refreshing the device map using your router’s interface (since each interface is different, I can’t tell you exactly where the “refresh” button will be).

Let us know if you’ve resolved the issue!

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Thanks, I can confirm I was not using the correct image and it is now showing in my router list.