Cannot install matrix after update to bookworm

This is very strange.

Was running fine under debian 11.

My only current use for the fbox.

I had to reinstall the system (upgrade failed and machine was locked).

Running freedombox olimex system

Any help?

It looks like the matrix-synapse package, which in bullseye came from backports, isn’t present in bookworm, and isn’t (yet?) present in bookworm-backports.

why did this not prevent the upgrade?

i feel that this is one of the flagship applications from fb.

I migrated to bookwork. I had matrix installed before, it is apparently still installed, it is the version from bullseye-backport. I ran the diagnostics and the ones for matrix are all ok.

However, since I don’t really use matrix (I know no one who uses it, for a number of reasons I promoted XMPP to my family and friends), I cannot be sure it really works.

I had it installed before the updated. And it still works great after the update. No issues.

Hi, I’m just curious about the reasons you are preferring XMPP over matrix, and which client apps are you using?

I use XMPP on my mobile and desktop. Some client suggestions:

Android: Conversations is pretty good.
Desktop: Gajim is good for GUI experience, I use it as backup. Personally, I use Profanity, for a terminal based experience.

I tried conversations before but as I remember I chose matrix because conversations hasn’t audio/video calls. But now I see it have. Either it’s new or I may not have realized that there is. I will try it again :slight_smile:

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I chose XMPP because:

  • I have doubts that Element on desktop is 100% free software (because it uses Electron) and it looks like there is no client that is as functional (I tried Quaternion and Nheko, few clients seem to support encryption) and that the pace of modifications of the “standard” seems to make it difficult that it ever happens.
  • joining a public matrix group from my account on freedombox takes much longer than joining an XMPP public group (minutes instead of seconds).

I use regular voice calls for audio and Jitisi for video.

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Now I have both matrix and ejabbered. I am making a comparison. Really with XMPP things fells pretty faster and lighter than with matrix. It has audio/video calls - my mistake. Everything is working fine with conversations on android devices. Element have an absolutely free desktop client. I’m using it in Windows 10, and it works fine. I don’t know which one is more secure, but since they are on a private server, I think you can’t go wrong with any of them. Furthermore, I will continue using them simultaneously, and then I’ll pick a favorite. But as it turns out, maybe I will go to the XMPP too.

My experience is that it is nearly impossible to convince people to change the application they use for communications, so I find it very important to make sure that what I promote will always be fine.

My feeling is that XMPP does the job, is really developed like a standard (not almost by a single company like matrix), is easier to host and has a wider choice of functional clients, so I see better perspectives for it.

This is another reason why I promote XMPP rather than matrix. However, if anyone is already using matrix, I will gladly accept to communicate with that person with matrix.

It was clearly assessed that if you communicate only with people using your own XMPP server with apps like conversations and gajim, no third party will be involved.

With matrix and Element, I heard people expressing concerns about communication with that might happen even if you only communicate between people using the same server. That said, I could never find precise information, I am interested to know more about it. It might be that there are functions to “assist” the users, but I don’t know.


I’ve been using conversations for a few hours now, and I’m already loving it. It is lightning fast compared to element. I think the decision is already taken. Thank you for the information!