Cannot Connect to Two Freedom Boxes (Pioneer and Beagle Bone Black)

I have two FreedomBoxes, one Pioneer and one Beagle Bone Black. I have not been able to connect to the Pioneer since Friday. It has a static IP address and no response to ping. Today the BBB failed, unable to ping.

The Pioneer has been running for about a year and the BBB for about two years with automatic updates.

Any suggestions before I flash new SD cards?

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Update- Turns out the BBB was down because of a brownout.

I still need to bring the Pioneer back to life.

Did you get any success with your Pioneer? Did you try to power cycle and/or connect a display and keyboard?

I’ve tried power cycling (including disconnecting the backup battery). I am unable to do much more because of my personal situation – My keyboard and monitor are in remote storage for a few weeks.

Hi nomadicoder.

You could try reading the log files by removing the SD card and plugging it into another computer. That’s what I did recently to figure out my own issues. No need for an additional keyboard or monitor attached to the FB.

Here’s a description.

Cheers + HTH,

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It’s been a long move from the Eastern USA to the middle of the country, and my SD card was separated from my FreedomBox Pioneer for 2 months due to a logistical SNAFU. I recovered the card yesterday and plugged it in along with a keyboard and monitor, which I recovered two weeks ago from storage.

The Pioneer started up, and I got the boot screen, which went blank with a flashing cursor. Reboot and hitting keys did not stop the boot process. I made an image with dd and restored the image to a clean high-endurance SD card, plugged it into the Pioneer and it started up fine.

The system is back on line. I need to upgrade the software. I believe I ran into some issues with the change on Debian from Buster to Bullseye and will have to modify the package repos. (I dealt with this last week on some servers at work I manage.) Hope to have my production FBX fully back on-line later this week.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll keep the original SD card for later examination, including a deep examination of the log files.

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