Cannot Connect to Two Freedom Boxes (Pioneer and Beagle Bone Black)

I have two FreedomBoxes, one Pioneer and one Beagle Bone Black. I have not been able to connect to the Pioneer since Friday. It has a static IP address and no response to ping. Today the BBB failed, unable to ping.

The Pioneer has been running for about a year and the BBB for about two years with automatic updates.

Any suggestions before I flash new SD cards?

Update- Turns out the BBB was down because of a brownout.

I still need to bring the Pioneer back to life.

Did you get any success with your Pioneer? Did you try to power cycle and/or connect a display and keyboard?

I’ve tried power cycling (including disconnecting the backup battery). I am unable to do much more because of my personal situation – My keyboard and monitor are in remote storage for a few weeks.