CALL: Sunday, May 26th at 17:00 UTC

Call Reminder : Sunday, May 26th at 17:00 UTC

The FreedomBox community’s upcoming progress call is this Sunday, May 26th at 17:00 UTC.

Our team will be talking about the latest issues in our software development and community. All are welcome to join the discussion or listen.

To access our calls, please use a Mumble voice over IP (VoIP) client application (available for free for desktop and mobile). On your Mumble client, please connect to server < > using port 64738.

How To Connect :
We are using Mumble/Plumble, voice over IP (VoIP) applications. Please connect to server: Port: 64738

  • We use Mumble for voice communications to allow residents outside of the United States to participate without running up a phone bill.
  • You do not need to create a username before hand (just make one up).
  • No passwords are required.
  • There is a client package in debian (mumble) and a GPL client for Android phones (plumble).
  • I would recommend you use headphones (or half-duplex mode) to avoid any echo.

Notes will be taken at . A link to the collaborative document to be posted in chat before meeting.

Comment agenda items here! If you can’t make it to the call but want to put something on the agenda, please feel free to comment in this thread. We’ll get to it if time permits.

Hope to see you there!

In New York May 25th is Saturday. I’m confused, when is this call in New York time?

Sorry, the call is on Sunday, May 26th. I have edited the post title to be clear.

We had the wrong date listed on, and that info was copied here.

This call will indeed be happen May 26 at 17:00 UTC. I apologize for uncritically copying from the wiki that the call will happen on Sunday the 25th.

Since I likely can’t make it to the call tomorrow (I have an appointment down town), I shared my agenda items with @jvalleroy. Here is a summary of the items I hoped to bring up:

  1. Additional storage device for LIME2: would we prefer a second SD card slot? Or a big case that fits an external storage storage device connected to the SATA port?

  2. Code of conduct and community governance: Since the FBF is applying for a grant that expects winners to have a code of conduct, I think it is a good idea for us to create on.

My thought is that we should base our CoC on another project’s existing CoC, which we can modify over the course of community discussion. I’m thinking we could use two things:

i. For basic community conduct, the Debian CoC:

ii. For the other project governance matters, we should use Mozilla’s checklist as a blueprint:

In my opinion, we are already in compliance with most of the Mozilla checklist items. Here are the ones that I think we could work on:

a. Informally doing but could be better: “Our project leadership is designed with cycles of feedback and review”
b. Not doing but would like to do: “Responsibilities of leadership are clearly documented.”
c. Could do better: “We strive to encourage and recognizes the quietest voices, and not just those with the most confidence, and volume.”
d. Not doing but would be very easy to create an opt-in convention (e.g. if preferred, anyone can add their pronouns next to their name in agenda items): “We have provided a way for everyone to share their pronouns, and respect those in our conversations and communication.”

  1. Bounty item: It would be great to have a bounty section

  2. Last, we might want to discuss @kat85’s issue with encrypted disks: Mount encrypted ext4 disk