CALL: Sunday, June 23 at 17:00 UTC

Call Reminder : Sunday, June 23 at 17:00 UTC

The FreedomBox community’s upcoming progress call is this Sunday, June 23 at 17:00 UTC. We aim for our calls to last no more than one hour, although sometimes the core team stays on the call past one hour to discuss additional items.

As always, our team will discuss the latest issues in our software development and community. All are welcome to join the discussion or listen!

How To Connect :
We are using Mumble. Please connect to server port 64738.

  • We use Mumble for voice communications to allow residents outside of the United States to participate without running up a phone bill.
  • You do not need to create a username before hand (just make one up).
  • No passwords are required.
  • You can join the call using desktop or mobile apps. There is a client package in debian (mumble) and an app for Android phones (Mumla).
  • We recommend you use headphones (or half-duplex mode) to avoid any echo.

Notes will be taken at A link to the collaborative document to be posted in chat before meeting.

Comment agenda items here! If you can’t make it to the call but want to put something on the agenda, please feel free to comment in this thread. We’ll get to it if time permits.

Hope to see you there!

Hey guys, first of all - as always - a big shoutout to the FreedomBox core team for doing all that great work and investing a tonload of time in maintaining this project! Thank you very much for enabling us to use free software without the need to learn coding first.

I wanted to add an item for the next call, regarding the following: last week a new client for Matrix Synapse was released on F-Droid, called “Element X”. Trying to set it up right away, I got an error saying something like “the new feature, sliding sync, has not been implemented to the server yet”, followed by this landing page.

Would it be feasible for you to discuss if it’s possible to integrate stated feature to the Synapse Server App? I’d love to try out the new client as they claim that it’s been rewritten completely instead of just releasing some sort of update/bug-fixes.

Thank you very much in advance and have a great day! Cheers

According to this thread on github for

It is planned to be integrated into Synapse on a timescale of “months”

The Debian matrix-synapse package will then need to be updated with the new Synapse release, and the updated package will then be available to FreedomBox through backports or the next stable release, presumably depending on timing. I think that’s the sequence.

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