Calibre - OPDS Support

I just like to ask if OPDS content server feature is yet planned to be activated in Calibre-App as app’s description suggests:

Content distribution using OPDS is currently not supported.

Are there any greater obstacles preventing this feature?

Besides the addition of calibre was a fantastic decision. Thank you very much!

The primary challenges I saw were:

  • OPDS is on different URL /calibre/opds. This requires basic authentication and not FreedomBox single sign-on. I was able to create separate Apache configuration (like we did for tt-rss).
  • OPDS URLs spewed out by calibre contain calibre’s local hostname and running port. This can possibly be fixed with Apache ProxyPassReverse directive which rewrites URLs inside documents. I have not tried it.
  • Automatic server discovery feature using local LAN broadcasting has not been tested.
  • The final book download URLs used by the OPDS feeds contain links to regular book URLs under /calibre. If it is protected by single sign-on, then basic authentication won’t work. I believe it might be possible to setup both kinds of authentication on single URL in Apache configuration. That is, if basic auth header is provided, use it. Otherwise use single sign-on authentication.

Someone with some Apache/sysadmin skills should able to deal with above. I just didn’t spend enough time.

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Weeeee … that sounds far beyond my abilites :sweat_smile:
Guess that means waiting until some hero*ine solves that for me/us.

Still Calibre is a nice-to-have App to share ebooks with family and friends.

Thanks for clearing this up!