Calibre missing manual page

Problem Description
There’s no section for Calibre in the manual under Apps, and the “Learn more…” link on the plinth Calibre page results in a 404 “Requested page /plinth/help/manual/en/calibre was not found.” message.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. On plinth homepage, click “Manual” link

  2. Note absence of Calibre in lexically ordered list of Apps between (1) Bepasty and (2) Coturn

  3. Log in to FreedomBox as Admin user

  4. Click on Apps

  5. Click on calibre icon

  6. Click on “Learn more…” link

Expected Results
Display of Calibre manual page

Actual results
404 “Requested page /plinth/help/manual/en/calibre was not found.”



  • FreedomBox version: 20.15
  • Hardware: FreedomBox Pioneer Edition
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: bought pre-installed hardware

It has not been written yet. Feel free to write on at . It will get included into the web interface, manual, etc.

It’s already in the wiki and will soon come along with the next update.