Calibre library location

I’m wanting to change the default calibre library location to an external drive. But I cannot find the correct config file or current library location.

The main reason for this is space limitations on the little SD card.

All I find is for moving a local users library, but that doesn’t affect what is displayed by the server.
Any help would be appreciated.

I assum that should be defined at /var/lib/private/calibre-server-freedombox/.config/calibre but for now there’s only the path of the database not of the library.

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Thanks! I was looking all over for it.

I edited the file (for the database and library location) and moved the library to the external. Rebooted the server, but it created a new blank library in the original location. Guess I’ll need to fiddle some more…

For posterity, I will keep posting here until I find a solution that works.

I had a look at the github site and found the file. on the box it is located at /usr/lib/systemd/calibre-server-freedombox.service. It also had a setting for default library and a home directory.

However, after a systemctl daemon-reload, and a systemctl restart calibre-server-freedombox. I only seem to have broken the server. Returned settings to normal for now.

For reference, there is an issue about having a (configurable) location for all apps.

And for some it may be an alternative to (online-)add an additional device to the freedombox btrfs filesystem, or to (online-)replace the btrfs device with a larger one.

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Good to know. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey there :slight_smile:
Is this still a WIP? I’m a new user having the same question and the same problem :-/