Borgbackup - deleted backup file

Hi guys!
Problem Description
due to limited disk space, i had to delete one borgbackup snapshot.
using “rm”, not “borg”.

No plinth always shows the old backup-name and the error thrown by borg.

How can i remove the snapshot in plinth?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. create a borg backup.
  2. perform some backups
  3. remove one of the backup-folders (var/lib/freedombox/borgbackup…)


  • FreedomBox version: unknown right now
  • Hardware: Olinuxino Lime 2
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: ‘apt install freedombox’

Hi @diot-heri

Welcome to the forum.

Borg is a dedpulicating backup solution. So, having manually intervened to a backup would yield a good chance that the whole backup chain is destroyed.

Normally, borg would require you to use its own tools to remove any backup. Have a look at the link I shared above. In FBX, system > storage snapshots > manage snapshots would be the correct way of removing or managing backups.

Try removing from there but like I said, you may not be able to recover.

The FreedomBox apps System/Backups and System/Storage Snapshots are actually separate and independent. Storage Snapshots capture the state of a whole btrfs filesystem in a subvolume at a point in time. Snapshots are useful for rolling back the filesystem to an earlier point in time, but not for restoring individual files or recovering from a disk hardware failure. With Backups you can save configuration and data for all or selected apps either locally or remotely.

In System/Backups you can display existing archives and delete individual archives. Under the covers, FreedomBox invokes the “borg delete” command. It’s hard to know exactly how “borg delete” might differ from manually deleting with “rm”. What is the error being thrown by borg that you’re seeing in Plinth?

The safest thing (if you can afford to lose the history) might be to start over with a fresh repository. One way to do this could be to manually remove the /var/lib/freedombox/borgbackup directory and re-run setup (in the gear icon dropdown in System/Backups). It looks like that should work, but I haven’t actually tried it.