Boot pioneer from SSD

I bought the kit to connect an ssd to my pioneer from olimex.

I plan to do a fresh install of freedombox and I have compiled on my ssd with the official freedombox image for pioneer.

However, my pioneer fails to boot.

I am reading about configuring U-Boot but I find the documentation provided obstructive: I am reading this wiki]

but when I send from terminal the command

pbuilder create --distribution=buster

I get this message

E: Unknown option [--distribution=buster] was specified.

any help will be appreciated


It’s been a while since I set mine up, but I recall the boot partition had to stay on the SD card for some reason. I forget the explanation, but something about the way the Olimex box is configured depends on using the SD card to boot.

The way I got my system onto an SSD was to flash the SD card with the normal image, then migrate the Btrfs partition onto the SSD using btrfs replace following this old but still relevant thread: support to move system to SSD/HD (btrfs replace / ? + cp -ax) (#435) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab

You can do btrfs replace while the system is on and running. I recall it didn’t take too long either. Afterward, your system will all be on the SSD except for the boot-related stuff. The SD card more or less just sits there doing nothing, unless there is a reboot and then it will answer the call.