Best mini pc to run busy freedomserver?

Love the freedombox movement, but want to use to reinstall what was a pretty big rack server. Rather than the 32GB SD and 1GB pioneer setup, looking to use a 1TB SSD mini pc with 16GB to run this… is anyone using this bigger set up, which is the best to get here?

Some of the “mini PCs” based on AMD/Intel processors might be a good option as I’ve only seen upto 8GB RAM on the newer Single Board Computers.

I’m running FreedomBox on 2 core 1.5 GHz Intel Atom. Your mini pc is probably up to the job, I’d imagine. The server would be nice if…

  1. You do not have to hear it
  2. It will restore to power on state after power failure

Carefully consider whether you’ll run addition software apart from FreedomBox applications. If you only work with FreedomBox apps you will have more than enough hardware to do the job with anything you are describing.