Beginner question please help!

ok so im testing freedombox on a virtualbox while i wait for my raspberry pi

im trying to connect my domain virtualbox but instead its showing my router login page instead of the virtualbox freedombox page.

i put my fixed ip as the ip for to point to.

im lost to who to make it connect to the virtualbox simple question involves a simple answer im hoping

also second question is my domain keeps saying took to long to respond after while of being connected is this an error thats common?

Make sure you’re using “Bridged Adapter” as your network adapter. Refer to this wiki page on how to do that.

Next, port-forward all the relevant ports (443, 80, 22 etc.) on your router to the IP address of the virtual machine. You can use the ip addr command inside the VM or look it up from the list of connected devices on your router. Another way is to try ping freedombox.local from another machine, which will print out the IP address of the FreedomBox.

If your router provides an option called DMZ, use that instead of port-forwarding. It’s easier, since you don’t have to forward each port individually.

thanks im doing that and its still pointing to my router homepage and not the freedombox not sure what im doing wrong would you or anyone be willing to help me set this up through teamviewer or something ill be willing to pay in btc or litecoin 30 usd for helping me setup matrix on a domain ive spent the last two days slowly progressing running in circle i would rather pay a little for a quick setup please pm me

We made a video which explains how to set up a Matrix chat server on FreedomBox using a free subdomain at Check it out:



Is there any effort to make this setup process shorter?

For example:

ask what subdomain name they want and then automatically set up dynamic DNS and Let’s Encrypt certs for them?

Yes, there were efforts to make the setup process shorter. @sunil was working on a domain setup wizard to be integrated into the first-boot. But I’m not sure whatever came of those efforts.