Backups does not back up users' settings and info

Problem Description
I recently noticed during a fresh re-installation of freedombox that Backups does not store/restore user information. This has led to me having to restore user accounts and settings for multiple users by hand.

Is it possible to backup the user database entries with the Backup software included with freedombox?

Currently backup of users is not possible, but we can implement that. Just to get a sense of urgency of the problem, how many users do you have on your FreedomBox?

I have 7 currently, all family members, and I intend to invite more in the future, such as extended family and friends, etc. It only takes a little while at this point to re-add user accounts, but getting above 10 or so users might be a bit more time consuming…


My thought here is that somebody using freedombox for a community might want to see this implemented.


Should I change this topic to a feature request?

Yes, please go ahead. Also: I created an issue in the issue tracker: [Debian Bug]: Please implement user backup and restore (#2051) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab .

Should I post that here, or in the Development section?