Auto-activating usb to ethernet port for router style setup up plugin to modem

Problem Description
(I am tried to enable public registrations in Matrix Synapse app and got an error.)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Plug in a plug and play open source usb to ethernet adapter into freedombox
  2. Go to Network setup page
  3. Click on create new interface and create a new ethernet interface for the WAN.
  4. I try to activate the interface, but the interface wont activate because it is not yet plugged into the WAN network, since I am using built in ethernet as the current wan network to configure the usb ethernet.
  5. I plug the usb ethernet cable that has been designated with a WAN firewall, into the modem.
  6. I plug the build in configured LAN connection directly into my pc.
  7. I completely reverse the settings, configuring the built in connection as the WAN, and the usb 2 ethernet interface as the LAN.
  8. I repeat steps 1-6 attempting to get a connection from the usb ethernet interface.
  9. I configure both interfaces as LAN interfaces and test to make sure the usb interface actually is plug and play.
  10. After hitting the “Activate” button for the usb2eth interface, both interfaces start working. USB confirmed working.
  11. Unplugging the usb 2eth interface means it will instantly “deactivate” in which it will not automatically “reactivate” after plugging back into the modem once properly configured. This is a catch 22.

Expected Results
I expected to see a the USB2Eth WAN interface automatically activate once it is plugged in to the modem.

Actual results
The USB2eth Wan Interface or vice versa, does not automatically activate upon plugging in, and requires manual activation from the webif. All I get is a self-assigned IP address.

The Fundamental Problem
In order to activate the USB2WAN interface after connecting it to the modem, I also have to be connected directly to the modem. Same goes with vice versa on the built in interface.
Thus, I cannot properly configure freedombox before I plug it directly into the modem, because after I unplug it from the local router (for configuration), it deactivates the usb2eth wan ports, and requires manual activation afterwords, which requires being on the same subnet.

The Final Question
How can I configure freedom box to automatically activate created or default interfaces when they are plugged into a modem, or any box for that matter?

Any help is appreciated!

FreedomBox Info

  • FreedomBox version: FreedomBox version 20.19
  • Hardware: Pioneer Freedombox
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: Downloaded stable version iso file and DD’d it to my SD card.

Check me out

Anyone out there with knowledge on how to use my freedombox as a router without getting a permanent self assigned ip address after unplugging my ethernet?