Apps almost ready for FreedomBox

The following are apps that are almost ready for integration into FreedomBox. We are mostly limited by contribution time we have available. The apps listed here are either already packaged for Debian or require little effort to finish packaging.

This is a call for community members to start contributing to FreedomBox app development and Debian packaging efforts.


Print server software already available in Debian. Can be used instead of proprietary cloud print services. Printing over the Internet works with any printer connected to a FreedomBox device.

Calibre Server

calibre-server can serve as a Kindle cloud replacement. People can read books from their Calibre library using a web browser on any device. Read locations are synced to the server.

WIP merge request

Email server

All required software is already available in Debian. We have a detailed task list on how to execute this in Salsa.


Sogo is a groupware solution providing email, calendar and addressbook in a modern web interface. Already available in Debian. A good app to go with the email server.


WordPress is already packaged for Debian. Would be nice to package one of its ActivityPub plugins for Debian so that bloggers can publish their blogs to the Fediverse automatically and receive comments.


Epicyon is an ActivityPub server written in Python. All the required dependencies are already available in Debian. Just have to package the app itself and write a FreedomBox app for it.


Music player daemon applications already available in Debian. Many compatible clients are available for desktop and web. These are for playing music through speakers attached to the FreedomBox device, not for streaming.


Shaarli is a bookmarking application similar to delicious.

Please join the effort in packaging Shaarli for Debian.


XMPP-based social networking server. Already available in Debian. We have to first find out if the community is interested in using this.


Packaging in progress by one of our community members, Fred Le Meur. Might be available in FreedomBox in the near future.


See this thread to learn about the use case of CryptPad for FreedomBox. To contribute to Debian packaging, please use the this dependency tracker page on the Debian Wiki.


Kiwix was used in FreedomBox community deployments in Indian villages to serve offline Wikipedia and free ebooks. The package kiwix-tools is in Debian testing. The process of installing Kiwix and loading Zim files is in our WikiBook.


Zoph is a photo gallery app, already packaged in Debian. They recently added support for REMOTE_USER authentication and configuration using CLI.

For a list of all known potential apps for FreedomBox, please go to FreedomBox/LeavingTheCloud

A tutorial on how to make apps for FreedomBox is available on our Developer Documentation site


Great! I’m eager to use the Calibre Server.

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Oh wow! Look at all those self hosting goodies! All of these are great additions to FreedomBox. I absolutely love installing things I don’t know about and learning how to use them from the top down. Its hard to pick favorites but I’m really excited for Kiwix. The email server looks fun to set up too! I interested in researching Movim, Epicyon and WordPress. What time frame is “almost ready”? Don’t rush the masterpiece but, I could set a reminder on my phone to update my servers.