Any app incompatibilities?

I’ve had the Pioneer Freedombox for about a month now. Are any of the Freedom Box apps not compatible with each other. For example I2P and TOR and Pivoxy. I may not have enough room to install everything but I was gonna try. I’m just experimenting. Thanks.

No, all apps should be compatible, in the sense that they can co-exist on the same FreedomBox. However, this doesn’t mean that all apps are integrated to work together, but rather that none of them should interfere with other apps. If one app did interfere with another, then we would treat that as a bug.

(Similar case to Debian packages: If one package would interfere with another, it is required to have a “Breaks” or “Conflicts” relation, so that both packages cannot even be installed at the same time.)

Thanks for clearing that up. The question came up for me as I was using openvpn but not able to connect to the Pioneer Freedombox plinth interface. Its probably just a port problem or something. Thanks again!