Another Satisfied Customer

Overall Impressions

I did not consider is the importance of external connectivity - I had all but given up on this over the years. You’ve brought back the people’s internet of old! I chose Freedombox to replace the network services offered by my ISP’s gateway/modem/router/ap combo device. This is working splendidly, but I see that Freedombox is so much bigger. Well done!

List of things you liked

  • The feeling of DDNS and Let’s Encrypt setup was profound and completely unexpected!
  • Searx immediately pierced the search-engine preferences bubble. Searching the internet works again.
  • When the details are accounted for, setup can be fast and high quality
  • I’ve learned about modern encryption infrastructure

List of things you disliked

  • Communication of removing /etc/network/interfaces entry after Debian installation could be improved or this step could be automated.
  • The Configure page could better explain that Domain Name should be the FQDN rather than the DNS Domain Name of the Freedombox host.
  • BIND setup could warn you to stop when you have a Shared interface. This incompatibility isn’t controlled effectively - but is documented if you read the manual first.
  • CUPS could not use AES 128 GCM certificates from Let’s Encrypt. I believe that the Debian OpenSSL distribution does not include this capability.
  • I have not got internal network name resolution worked out yet. It’s probably in here somewhere.

I am quite pleasantly surprised at the richness of the FreedomBox environment. The web interface is quite easy to use. I have gotten used to doing everything the hard way in vi. This is a nice break from that. I am running on a pine64so baseboard/module.