Add Overleaf as an app?


Overleaf is an open source collaborative latex editor. It can be installed on your own server then provides a web interface for multiple users to edit, compile, and view the document. It is now heavily used in academia especially. It would be useful to include it as a freedombox app to reduce the difficultly of installation.

There are a few sites with regular install instructions available, such as

However AFAIK they are mostly using a method based on docker and containers, which might not be suitable for smaller freedomboxes. It is hard to find install instructions which don’t rely on containers.

Look around for any more suitable install instructions
If available, use them. Otherwise would need to study the source code directly.
Package overleaf first as a regular debian package
Then figure out how to wrap it as a freedombox app.

A bit more information on this: looks like there is a .deb package and tool for generating it available for an 2015 version of overleaf here, Debian/Ubuntu package generation removed · Issue #292 · overleaf/overleaf · GitHub . Hasn’t been updated since then as the main overleaf team have been focussed on the docker version. But either the 2015 deb could be used as is, or it could be updated to later versions.

I added it to FreedomBox wiki - Leaving The Cloud, but I’m concerned about the dependency on MongoDB. As I understand, it is currently under a license that cannot be used in Debian (main).