Add local blacklist and whitelist to rspamd

At the moment, custom blacklists / whitelists for ip / sender / subject etc. through webui is not possible. Through some research, I believe it may be possible to provide each freedombox user with their own custom lists in the rspamd webui of lists. Additionally, it would be really nice to have these lists backed-up by freedombox.

Rspamd webui doesnt offer too much configuration for a non-tech user to blacklist / whitelist their mail. Independent from mail clients, it may be an advantage for freedombox users to engage with the rspamd webui and configure thier own lists. Instructions on how to add ip/domain/sender to lists can be provided in the app description by plinth

I believe developers of rspamd have already sought a solution to this problem with this this post. Additionally, they have also included the approach at the end of their documentation here.

If freedombox users were provided lists under /etc/rspamd/local.d/ with the necessary mulitmap.conf file and set permissions, the rspamd webui would show the lists for each user to add their own blacklist / whitelisted ip/sender etc.

When configured, freedombox can also add the local.d folder and rspamd to its list of backups for black/whitelists.

Custom lists for freedombox users would appear here: