Accessing Freedombox From Outside Location


I use a Pioneer Olimex, have done so for several years without a problem for a limited number of users.

I notice that when I use EJABBERD or MATRIX, my server only connects sporadically, except when I use a VPN on my phone (then the connection is reliable).

I use the ddnsfree domain.

Is this the problem, or is it my isp, or is it the relatively underpowered olimex unit? How can i elucidate this?

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Following this thread!

Since you say that connection is reliable when connected via VPN, I can only assume that FreedomBox is working well on the server side.

To debug the issue, when you face a disconnection problem, perhaps you can check what is wrong with the connecting from outside.

  • Is the DNS entry up-to-date? If your (now-a-days) ISP changes your IP then for a period of about 5 minutes the DNS record will be outdated as FreedomBox only checks and updates the entry every 5 minutes.
  • If your VPN is connection to FreedomBox, then perhaps you don’t have issue with IP address changing but only DNS records. Could your DNS provider be failing intermittently?
  • If your VPN connection is to a outside server, then it means the connection from VPN server to home is fine but not your external location to home. This usually means problem with ISP.

Perhaps you can employ a service in the cloud the continuously monitors your FreedomBox machine for DNS and connectivity (from various locations) and provides a report. I haven’t looked up for this kind of service, but likely one exists.