About the Pioneer Support category


This category is for owners of the Pioneer FreedomBox Home Server. Come here to post questions and browse the support that others have received.

Who This Category Is For: This category is intended for owners of the Pioneer FreedomBox Home Server kits sold by Olimex. If you aren’t an owner of one of these kits but still want help with something related to FreedomBox, check out our general support category.

Why This Category Exists: Though we give free support to any FreedomBox user, there are couple of reasons that it makes sense for pioneers to get their own category:

  1. It Helps Pioneers: Putting pioneer support in its own category makes it easy for pioneers to benefit from all the questions their peers have asked. Pioneers can simply browsing this category to search for quick solutions. They can also connect with other pioneers if they want.
  2. It Helps Us: The Pioneer Support category makes it easier for our team to understand the needs of pioneers as a group and how those needs differ from other users’.