GNU Jami (messenger + VoIP + video + conferences) entered testing again

There are now again current versions of the peer-to-peer based GNU Jami (former GNU Ring) getting uploaded again.

And the new versions can now provide conferencing server functions (Rendevous Points) and server based Jami Account Management ( in addition to proxy/permanent-tcp-connection services for mobile clients.

Sounds ideal for a selfhosted homeserver.


This is wonderful news. I noticed that the Debian package also contains ‘jami-daemon’ that is presumably the server component.

@NickA, did you get to try out the server? If so, could you please post your configuration and setup?

No, due to no response at that time.

The jami-daemon package provides the p2p backend dependency.

My search had turned up the issue “user’s “home” devices as (distributed) proxies”, and there it was said that a startup option controls if a node provides proxy services for mobile clients: “./dhtnode --proxyserver 8000 will launch a DHT node as a proxy server”.

The docs for the Jami Account Management Server (JAMS) are included in the download at

Technical docs are linked in the wiki: