Building/configuring a TURN server

:smiley: wow, exactly what I needed - nice find :slight_smile: I’m going to follwo his set up guide whan I get time over the weekend:

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Bad news! We won’t get it to work until ejabberd 20.4 is in the debian repos. At the moment it’s 18something … so … I guess that will time until then. :confused:

The article mentioned 20.04 though, and that is already in buster-backports.
It is widely, highly apprecieated I guess. :slight_smile:

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Sooooo! To sum up the state of the STUN :wink:

  • VoIP via Matrix already works well after configuring coTURN with --external-ip
  • After upgrading ejabberd to 20.4 via backports I activated mod_stun_disco with stun(s) and turn(s) on 3478 and 5349
    • and had yet a 90min call with a friend via PixArt-Messenger (Conversations-fork) Unfortunately we didn’t realize that we did not use my server for calling. Instead PixArt doesn’t offer to call at all when we use our accounts on my FreedomBox :cry: What do I have to do for that? … @SottishFreedom ?
    • Well, I had a strange time with that server … The only thing I altered during my investigation was adding the stun and turn SRV entry in DNS of my domain. I also observed that in our conversation we didn’t receive the avatars. And finally some minutes ago the Call-Symbol appeared in PixArt and we called successfully and received the right avatars. …
  • added the stun and the turn incl. secret in Nextcloud Talk on another server at my office
    • which worked fantastic between different networks, too.

I’m good with this :grin:

Just realized that redirecting the router’s dyndns updates to a secondary IP of the freedombox (router hosts file or routing table entry) might even make the dyndns configuration on the freedomox entirely obsolete.

It should be possible to simply reuse the domain and the specific URL of the router’s request (found in the logs) for forwarding the request to the actual public dyndns service. But the redirection on the router would have to be only in effect for its locally originating request (packages), not for those triggered and originating from the freedombox.

Your devices will only fetch the new records, after the TTL of the last dns info expired, so that would introduce some lag to expect there.

Does everything continue working?

It seems so. Still everything’s working as far as I observed.

Did you add the dns records to a second level domain name or to a dyndns subdomain?
The former often have longer TTLs of several hours or even days.

As everything is still working, I congratulate!
First to have made it to a really complete setup.

second level.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I try not to party too soon.
But as I called my friend on a daily bases for the last week with different device and network setups each I guess I can start to claim this :smile:

could it be possible to prevent the /etc/matrix-synapse/homeserver.yaml file from being overwritten for updates when using the Coturn server?