Are any devs paying attention to the cockpit white screen issue that has existed since jun 2019?

I just wanted to attempt to turn some heads to a well confirmed unresolved issue regarding the pioneer freedombox. I myself can confirm this issue exists in freedombox current as well as stable. My question is what attempts have been made to resolve this issue, and if not many, what attempts are going to be made (and when) to resolve this issue? it would be nice to get some dev input and feedback as to how
this MAJOR issue has existed for so long and what can be done as a current workaround or hot fix. Thanks for any attention this way or to the thread sited in my post.

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Very weird. I have tested over a dozen different freedombox images at this point including stable and weekly’s, and this issue persists for me, even using the correct cockpit url as you pointed out in the above image. I also noticed that after first boot, my freedombox shows “ghost” WAN interfaces in its plinth interface settings. When clicking on the interfaces, freedombox exposes an error page, so I just delete the (ghost) interfaces and things seem to halfway work. Does any of this or content in the ORIGINAL POST sound indicitave of a hardware problem of a defective lime2 board? Because at this point, thats the only thing I can conclude considering I am the only one facing these issues.