Using FreedomBox as NAS with Clonezilla

I have a FreedomBox and attached to that a 4TB hard drive (HD). I can see the mounted hard drive via ssh, can successfully use Samba, Share and sftp etc.

I wish to use that FreedomBox server attached hard drive to image my 4 different systems over ssh using Clonezilla. In the past I successfully used that HD with Clonezilla manually, moving it physically around my 4 different devices to image them with a Clonezilla USB stick. However, I would now like to keep it attached the the FreedomBox.

Clonezilla has the facility to image via ssh. However, the HD directories are owned by root and only the root group is allowed access. As there is no root user access to the FreedomBox and Clonezilla does not seem to allow ssh commands such as (sudo su) I do not have permissions to write the image via ssh.

Any ideas how I can more easily handle this task are appreciated.


How did you install freedombox?
I followed the path for installing FB over a new Debian machine so I have root.

If you are on a Ubuntu or similar, you can enable the root account by setting a password for it.

I’d of course snapshot/backup/image/whatever prior to doing so, in case you accidentally break something in the process.

I have the Freedombox system from Olimex so it has the Debian system on it and no root account.

Ah, the Pioneer box built on the A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 board.

If it doesn’t have root, then I’m guessing it was not setup with a Debian install, then installing the FreedomBox package but instead using the pre-built image on an microSD Card that came with it?

Have you tried sudo su to become root?
If so and it didn’t work, what did that return?
Documentation indicates this should let you become root so if it doesn’t the returned error will be helpful knowing where to go.