Uncommanded Power Down

My Pioneer has been shutting down by itself (I can’t connect to the device and the green light in the box is off). It doesn’t seem to happen with the July 19, 2019 (v 19.2) release of FreedomBox, only with the September 12, 2019 (v 19.16) release and it’s predecessor (v19.15). I installed v 19.2 and let it run for several days with no problem. 19.15 and 16 will shutdown within 24 hours.

I’ve got the v 19.16 running now, but I’ve opened the case, disconnected the battery, waited a few seconds and reconnected in the event it’s a hardware issue. I’m going to let it stew for a day and see if the problem recurrs. I would appreciate any other advise.

More details - the logs indicate that it did not perform a clean shutdown, the logs just suddenly stopped, as if power had been disconnected from the computer.

Did you have any issues again after you posted this?

On way this could happen is if the power supply to the board is insufficient. Do you have additional devices such as Wi-Fi dongles or USB hard drives connected? Try powering the device using a second power supply connected via mini USB port. The board will take power from both the sources.

The upgrade to 19.15 or 16 should not be able to cause this issue. Only two services we allowed from backports are FreedomBox daemon and matrix-synapse. There is not much in the simple Python daemon to cause this hard stop (without any further logs).

Hi Sunil
I wanted to give it a week, and that’s about how long it’s been running without a problem. The only USB device I have plugged in is a 32GB Sandisk storage device, which I’ve never had problems with before.

When I initially started with a flash drive with v19.16 installed, the power went down shortly after I started the FreedomBox Pioneer. I opened up the box, unplugged the battery, waited about a minute, reconnected it and it’s been running for a week without any problems. This was an Olimex I purchased about a week after they were available for sale.


Good to know that there are no problems so far. Do can an eye on it and post any updates if things go bad.