Unable to join Wireless AccessPoint

Problem Description
I’m trying to use my freedombox as a router and I can’t join the wireless network.

I’ve installed it on a Pine64 A64+ with 1gb RAM on which I’m connecting an Edimax usb Wireless Adapter. The OS Works. I’m able to create a user and log in. The wireless adapter works and it’s being recognized.
I’m setting up a new network, as AP with firewall zone internal. My phone can see the network and attempt to join but no matter what passphrase I’ve used, I’m still getting the same incorrect password message.
When starting over and NOT creating the wireless network myself, it comes with a default wireless. My phone can see the network, using the password freedombox123 (it’s the correct one, i’ve checked). I only get “Couldn’t connect to network” Error message.

Expected Results
Join network and receive a local IP

Actual results
When on default settings I get an error with the following message:

“Couldn’t connect to network”

When creating a new network and configuring its SSID and passphrase I get an error with the following message:

Incorrect Password


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