Server is PAINFULLY Slow

I don’t know why, but even though I have the hardware of the actual Lime2 Freedombox and the server running with a 1 gbps router, everything I do, even uploading 300 kilobytes to Media wiki is taking FOREVER.

What is going on here?

@myrtleD, I can think one reason why this could be happening. On Lime2, there is an issue with u-boot setting up the Ethernet interface which cases very slow network speeds. The Pinoeer Edition image has a fix for the problem but the Lime2 image does not have the fix for it. Please try using the Pinoeer Edition image.

If you already have a lot of data on the current step and would like to tweak the image to make it similar to Pioneer Edition, I can provide you the commands for it (it requires using command line).

Just an FYI: I believe @myrtleD is already using the Pioneer image. I believe he bought a Pioneer kit from Olimex, so he’d have the Pioneer image by default. His post in this thread may make it sound like he’s using a generic LIME2, but I don’t think he is.

I see. @myrtleD, I think case could you please try download something else, say a backup file created by FreedomBox, and see if it also suffers the same problem. That will tell us if the problem is with MediaWiki and its setup.

I apologize for how angry I was when i originally posted this :stuck_out_tongue:
I did buy the Olimex version, so the OS shouldn’t be the issue.
But from what I understand, I think it has to do with what ports I am allowing open and closed. I’m confused with the general process of port forwarding.

In that case, could you describe your network setup a bit? For example, is the FreedomBox and the machine you are trying to perform the download from connected to the same network (such as your home Wi-Fi router)? Also are you accessing the FreedomBox using its IP adddress, freedombox.local or the domain name you have configured?

Could you also try downloading something else from FreedomBox such as file from Sharing app or backup you have taken of the box and see if you are getting poor performance?