Problem with package-dependencies: matrix-synapse

Hey everyone, I’m new to FreedomBox and I love it so far. Anywy, I get a problem when trying to install a matrix-synapse server

Problem Description
When clicking the install-button on matrix-synapse in plinth, I’m getting an error message about broken packages. So I tried installing it via commandline

Steps to Reproduce

  1. login via ssh
  2. run: sudo apt update -> ok
  3. run: sudo apt upgrade -> ok, up to date
  4. run: sudo apt install matrix-synapse

Actual results
facing error message: “matrix-synapse : depends on: python3-twisted (>= 18.9.0-8~) but 18.9.0-3 shall be installed”


  • FreedomBox version: 20.6.1
  • Hardware: RPi 2B

This is issue I’m working on a fix to be included in the next release.


The release with this fix is out. It should reach all the users in about 4-5 days.

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