OpenVPN Install Time

I am a new user of a Freedom Box and started an install of OpenVPN. This install has been running for over 16 hours. The documentation simply states that it could take a long time so I have no idea if 18 hours is expected.

What is normal on a Freedom Box?

If I need to stop the install, How do I do it?

I have updated to the current version however I am not sure where to go look for that version.


FWIW, my last OpenVPN install took about 2 days to complete on the Olimex Pioneer. For me, that was a the longest it’s ever taken.

Thanks for that info. I shut it down after 24 hours. Maybe I will give it another go given your experience.
I have a complicated network so when something fails to work I have to explore all the interrelated devices to try and understand what the issue is. Being new to the Freedom box also creates a challenge.

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