Openvpn and IPV6


I installed Openvpn and it works well thought IPV4.
But I’m not able to make the connection if I’m on an IPV6 network.

Does anyone get this issue ?

It would help to have more information. I assume you want to connect with a GNU/Linux client from outside your home network to your FreedomBox, which is connected to your home router. I also assume the home router is NATing.

  1. Can you ping6 the IPv6 address of your router form outside? (don’t use the hostname to make sure it’s not a DNS problem)
  2. Can you reach the port that you forwarded on your router? (e.g. nc -vz <host> <port>)
  3. Does that connection reach your FreedomBox? (e.g. tcpdump)
  4. What does the OpenVPN log on both machines say? (journalctl -u NetworkManager)



I have never tested OpenVPN over IPv6 properly. When I checked, it seems like OpenVPN with FreedomBox configuration is only listening on (not listening on IPv6 addresses). When I added the list proto udp6 line to /etc/openvpn/server/freedombox.conf it started listening on *:1194 this time and this should make connecting from IPv6 addresses possible.

@koolok, please try doing this. If this works, it is good opportunity for us to add proper IPv6 support in OpenVPN.

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Thanks @hex-m and @sunil for your help.

I did what @sunil propose and it worked perfectly !