Moving freedombox to another hardware

Hey everyone,
maybe this newbie-question is too simple but I didn’t find anything in the manual (or I completely overlooked it).

What is the most common way of moving my freedombox to a new, modernzied hardware?

In my case, from a RB Pi2b to a RB Pi 3b+. When I put the sdcard with the Pi2-image into a Pi3, nothing happens. A flashed Pi3-image is working fine. Both devices use the same architecture, so shouldn’t it be possible to simply move the sdcard? Or do I have to remove/install a special package? Or is a move not possible at all and I have to start from scratch?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Take a backup from the older machine and restore it on the newer machine. Some files such as Syncthing shares and BitTorrent download folders have to be copied manually after that.

This is expected not to work because of the different boot loaders we use in each case. Backup/restore method works across different architectures too.