Hungry hungry tor

standard question answers: 1) yes the freedombox is plugged into a router at home 2) I don’t remember when it arrived but I ordered it late November 2019 3) version 20.11

The issue I’m having: tor is eating every last scrap of CPU it can get its hands on, stays pretty consistently at 100%, and the freedombox overall becomes unresponsive. The only way I could force the freedombox to work again was to ssh in (because plinth wouldn’t come up), renamed tor in both /usr/sbin and /usr/bin (because otherwise it restarts itself every time I kill it), forcekill tor, and only then does plinth come up and allow me to disable the tor app using the interface.

Is this a regression in the latest update? It wasn’t happening before…

I don’t think anyone noticed this. Which features have to enabled in Tor such as hidden service, relay etc.? Do the logs reveal any loop pattern or activity? You can get logs by running journalctl -u tor@plinth.

Ok, I did the “enable tor” checkbox and left the rest of the boxes unchecked, the log complains that I’m vulnerable to being used as an open proxy which is bad but I haven’t done anything to whatever configuration freedombox generates. The forum won’t let me post the log in this message because it thinks that all the ‘/’ stuff are links and “new users are only allowed to post two links”.

You should be able to post the log as a block quote as code. Start and a end lines should be triple back ticks: ```.

The warning about open proxy is applicable to FreedomBox because user won’t be able to reach the proxy due to firewall. Make sure that the zone for the WAN interface is “external” and not “internal” in network configuration. If your proxy is exposed to outside Internet, that could explain the high CPU usage.

It seems likely that there’s some sort of exposure, because now it’s operating just fine and tor is using a reasonable amount of cpu even though I still haven’t changed any configurations. What file(s) do I look in to determine whether or not there’s exposure that could be intermittently causing this?