How to backup the Radicale databases?

Time to get serious about back-ups. My Freedombox is humming pleasantly for about a month now, running Syncthing, Radicale, Matrix Synapse and Samba Share. Installed Searx too but not using it.

I’m about to install the Back-up app too but I noticed that it backups Radicale config info but not the actual databases. I tried a simple solution by adding the database directories to Syncthing and have the data available on my laptop as backup, but Syncthing does not have permission/access to that directory.

What would be a/the proper solution for backing-up the Radicale data?

Tthere is a USB HDD available for backup too, it is not connected yet)

Radicale’s data, i.e. calendars and contacts, is stored in the /var/lib/radicale directory. FreedomBox does a backup of this directory and restores it properly. Beyond this there is no configuration or database to backup. Please try this. Did you observe that your calendars/contacts have not been restored after a backup? Or the backup tarball didn’t contain the data your were looking for?


Amazing how I misread the manual! I was convinced that Radicale’s data was not included in the backup. Thanks for the reply @sunil.

Just made my first backup, downloaded it to a ‘safe’ place and set a weekly reminder for doing the backups. And all was well again in Paradise… (for now :slight_smile: )