I run Windows7 and am interested in FreedomBox and have circled/re-circled topic links trying to find out if any additional hardware/software is needed to use FreedomBox/Plinth.
One link took me to FreedomBox Hardware VirtualBox.
I don’t own one of the supported hardware devices.
So does that mean I have to purchase VirtualBox to use FreedomBox/Plinth?
I ask because one link inferred that FreedomBox Kit contained everything needed; just install and go.
Thanks in advance.



If your buy the Pinoneer Edition FreedomBox Home Server Kit, then you won’t need any other hardware. It ships with everything needed including an Ethernet cable and power supply.

If you don’t have any hardware at all and are looking to try out FreedomBox on your Windows machine for a while, then VirtualBox is best way to do it. VirtualBox is free (as in free beer and also as in free speech) software and you don’t have to buy it. However, what you can do with it will be somewhat limited given your machine may not be running all the time and may be moving as you carry it. Also you have to configure forward incoming traffic to your FreedomBox which is somewhat painful.

Thank you very much! The Pioneer Edition FreedomBox Home Server Kit sounds like a winner.