Freedombox as an authentication server?

Overall Impressions

List of things you liked

  • Syncthing easy to configure nice to sync your photos etc. between devices.
  • Shaarlier
  • Radicale
  • Gitweb

List of things you disliked

  • Calibre is not really usable for my book library. The books are to huge for the OLinuXino-LIME2 the convert is always aborting. Maybe can be optimized by calibre / configuration?
  • Twice login on some apps (shaalier)

Feedback on a Problem or for Improvement

Using freedombox as Kerberos authentication server?

I’m using a FreeIPA installation on a bigger server to provide an kerberos authentication server for my Clients / NAS etc.
The freedombox already has LDAP authentication and I’m considering using it as a replacement for FreeIPA, since the larger server consumes a lot more resources and the OLinuXino would be more than enough in my opinion.

Are there already any projects? What do you think? Is it too little used for this purpose to be served as an app?