Error message when installing OpenVPN

Howdy. I have succeeded in I stalling most freedombox apps into my windows 10 laptop but am struggling with the OpenVPN app. I get the following error message and appreciate any help to resolve it:
“Error installing application: Error during installation E: The repository ‘tor+ Release’ does no longer have a Release file. W: An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: tor+ stable Release: At least one invalid signature was encountered. E: The repository ‘tor+ stable/updates Release’ does no longer have a Release file. E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device) E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.”

Thank you friends

Hi @vmsimang, thanks for reporting your issue.

To test if the issue is consistent across FreedomBox units, I tested this on a Pioneer Edition LIME2 running version 19.2 (up to date). The FreedomBox already had 7 apps installed. When I tried to install OpenVPN on my FreedomBox, the installation was successful. I did not receive the error message you posted. Thus, it seems that the OpenVPN app can be installed successfully.

Given that we don’t have a system-wide issue, I took a closer look at your error message to determine what could have gone wrong in your specific case. One thing stood out to me:

It seems like your SD card ran out of space, and there isn’t enough space to install another app. Let me ask some questions to figure out how this happened:

  1. Are you using a Pioneer Edition FreedomBox sold by Olimex? If so, then you should have 32 GB of storage space on your SD card.
  2. How many of the apps did you install? We generally advise that users install no more than 6 apps. Do you want all the apps to be installed, or were you just interested in testing them out?
  3. Did you load a lot of files onto your FreedomBox which could have eaten up the 32 GB storage space? E.g. did you sync thousands of pictures using Syncthing?
  4. Did you turn on Tor hidden services? It looks like your device is trying to install the OpenVPN app using Tor: