Emergency network

I’m new to the world of FreedomBox, I’d like to use it to create an emergency network for my community.
I want to use FreedomBox without internet like an emergency network to allow people to connect to it in case there’s a blackout or any other natural disaster which prevents them from connecting to the internet.
So for this new network which I’m going to make I’m going to connect the next two devices:

  1. Router Netgear (WNDR3700)
  2. Raspberry Pi (FreedomBox)

In the router I’ll create a WIFI network called: “Emergency Network” so whenever there’s a disaster people will join this network since they won’t find any other active networks.
I have an issue, how can I make it so people who join the WIFI network are immediately redirected to my FreedomBox?
I’d like to create a portal (Landing page) in which people who join will be able to easily find and access the available services and apps: Chat, Wiki, Sharing, etc…
Any ideas?


For “Emergency Network” you could have in view mesh networks.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will review the received information. :+1:

There is an entire Wikibook devoted to this topic.

In the deployments we did in villages in India, most of the users connected from their mobile devices. So, the natural approach was to use a mobile app. The app can automatically discover and display any FreedomBoxes in the network. On selecting a FreedomBox, it shows the available applications.

The app is available on both F-Droid and Google Play stores. The source code is here.

On-boarding users for each of the apps is still a manual process though. You might want to get help from a few volunteers to do this.

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