Creating a mesh network with Ubiquiti UniFi

I want to set up a Wireless Internet Service Provider, without Internet. Using software such as Jami to communicate over the network with peer-to-peer end-to-end encryption, and using a FreedomBox to set up any servers such as a Nextcloud server for cloud hosting and file sharing. If anyone is interested in participating or has any experience using Ubiquiti or setting up a WISP, I’d love to communicate with you.

As for some of the ideas that I have regarding the type of content that I would put up on my FreedomBox, I’d be sharing a lot of source code, as well as a lot of entertainment which would include anything DRM-free, or reverse engineered. I’d want to share Bitcoin source code, Monero source code, Asterisk source code, FreePBX source code, Debian GNU+Linux source code, Devuan GNU+Linux source code, OpenBSD source code, Wikipedia archive, and whatever else.

Of course we could also connect them all together over the Internet so that anyone online will be able to communicate with anyone offline, over Tor onion services.


Great to hear this. I suppose you have seen . Let us know if run into issues.

I think I have actually a while back, but I’ll be taking a look at it again. That’ll help a lot, thank you.

Hi, just in case you haven’t seen them, for the networking infrastructure there are more specialized free firmware projects to run on router and access point hardware.
An example with some further links:

This reminds me of Travis Boyd’s, which I see is no longer up. Anyone know what he’s doing this days? Is anyone else running with the idea?

Well if I were using Ubiquiti hardware, I’d want to use their firmware as well, they make it easy and it works. I’d love to use free and open source software in as many areas as I can, but I don’t want to make anything too difficult, or I’ll never get anything done. I have looked into OpenWISP but it’s too niche for my taste.

I don’t know, but I’m all about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, my favorite DAO of all is the Bisq DAO. If I were to get a WISP up and running, I think governance would be unnessecary though as each FreedomBox operator in the network would govern their own FreedomBox, but I would be all for establishing a DAO to govern my FreedomBox.