Contributor Invite: Test Features in MediaWiki

About this Contributor Invite:

  • Task Area: Testing
  • Effort rating: 1/5
  • Skills required: Must be a FreedomBox user

Description of the Problem:

MediaWiki is an app in the FreedomBox app menu that can be used to host a wiki. MediaWiki has a large community of developers and a long history, so it has many optional features and over 1,000 extensions. The FreedomBox team hasn’t tested all of the optional features and extensions in the version of MediaWiki that is available within FreedomBox. The team can’t recommend these MediaWiki features to users until they have been tested, so we need help testing them.

What we ask of you:

  • Install the FreedomBox system and install MediaWiki on your FreedomBox
  • Within MediaWiki, test the following features:
    • Image file upload and embedding
    • Audio file upload and embedding/playing
    • Video file upload and embedding/playing
    • Math formulae
    • Code syntax highlighting
    • RSS feeds of changes
    • Image gallery
  • Report back on whether or not those features worked. If any of them didn’t work, please tell us what happened when you tested them. Please post your report to the issue page in Gitlab (link below).

Link to the issue in GitLab:

How to claim this Contributor Invite:

Do you want to accept this invitation to contribute? If so, follow these steps:

  1. Comment on this forum post indicating that you would like to claim the invite. This will prevent multiple people from working on the same issue at the same time.
  2. Register an account with our GitLab instance and begin making your contributions on the GitLab issue page for this task. You can use the comment section of this forum post to ask questions, but the bulk of the development discussion should happen on GitLab.


If you need help with this issue, please feel free to ask for it from members of our core team:

  • Sunil Mohan Adapa (@sunil): Lead Developer & Code Reviewer
  • Joseph Nuthalapati (@njoseph ): DevOps Engineer, Developer, & Code Reviewer
  • James Valleroy (@jvalleroy) : Release Manager, Developer, & Code Reviewer