Any plans for more apps?


I started using FBox and I like ti a lot but I feel like there could be more apps for htings like photo albums, ebooks, music etc.

Any plans for more apps?


Hi @karmajoon

This is the road map for 2019.

An email server, NextCloud and a federated social networking server are targeted for this year.

However, this is not an exhaustive list. The road map is what the core team would focus on. We had a couple of new apps (MLDonkey and I2P) added recently by contributors from the community.


Thanks, all sounds good.

I have version 19.1. There is no I2p. From what version it is added?

The i2p app is still in development. It is not released yet.

Once releases start to hit FreedomBoxes again (when debian releases version 10) there should be I2P support: FreedomBox v19.6 released